I am trying new Kwant 1.3 features on a very simple example of graphene monolayer, and, apart from a standard well-working code I add:

for x in sys.sites(): x.family.norbs=1 for x in leadxp.sites(): x.family.norbs=1 for x in leadxm.sites(): x.family.norbs=1 (to avoid norbs not defined error)


J_0 = kwant.operator.Current(sys) wf = kwant.solvers.default.wave_function(sys, energy=0.01, args=[phi,chempot,0]) psi=wf(1) current = J_0(psi)  

'psi' is a bunch of wavefunctions, but the operators only work on one wavefunction at a time, so you'd have to :

    currents = [J_0(p) for p in psi]

to get the current for each wavefunction.

This is actually a pretty common thing to want to do, so it would make sense for the operators to be able to work in a "vectorized" manner.

I'll open an enhancement issue on the bugtracker.

Happy Kwanting,