Dear Kwant users and developers

I have two questions related to the spin calculation using kwant.

1. I'm wondering if we can do spin-polarized transport in kwant? For example, can we can get the separate Conductance Vs Energy diagram for spin up and spin down terms. 

I'm thinking one way of doing this is to set up the Rashba Hamiltonian as a whole. And then manually extract the spin up and spin down hamiltonian and do the transport calculation separately. But this will eliminate some extra terms that I don't know whether this is correct anymore. Any suggestions?

2. How can we set up the spin polarization for a particular site? For example, in some of the topological insulator, can we set up spin polarization on the edge as up and the other side of the edge as down, and then do the transport? Or this question is completely wrong? 

Thanks for advance.