Hi Marc,

I want to implement the latest development of Kwant since I want to try to calculate Kubo conductivities with the KPM method (as it appears in the development version of the documentation). I tried to use Conda to update the packages (conda install -c kwant kwant) but I still get the message "AttributeError: module 'kwant.kpm' has no attribute 'conductivity'".

Unfortunately the development conda builds have been failing for some time and we didn't get round to fixing it (but Kwant itself still works). As Christoph says, we're in the process of making a release. You can track how we're doing in this issue: https://gitlab.kwant-project.org/kwant/kwant/issues/275. We'll probably be able to fix the development builds as part of/just after the release, but by then you'll be able to get a copy of Kwant 1.4 anyway.

Happy Kwanting,