Hi Sam,

I've included an ipython notebook for anyone who might want to check it out (hopefully it works): http://nbviewer.ipython.org/github/samlagasse/LaGasse_QT/blob/master/QHE_currentdensity.ipynb

Neat! Thanks for sharing, it's really good to have some publicly available examples of Kwant usage which weren't written by the main developers. I think it would
be really cool to have a publicly available set of interesting notebooks that use Kwant; it could even be linked to from the main Kwant website.
This would be a good way to augment the tutorials, and would mean that the examples are not limited to the immediate research interest of the Kwant developers. 

 In this example its pretty similar (I just think it looks really cool), but in another I did looking a focusing effects in graphene, you really need the current density map.

There has actually been an intern here in Grenoble working on implementing good current density maps in Kwant. Your example looks awesome, but it's missing the
direction information. Getting a good-looking continuous vector field from the discrete underlying lattice required a bit of thinking, but now we have something that looks
really neat. This will probably be included as part of Kwant 2.0.

Happy Kwanting,