I would like to model a 2DEG under a magnetic field and have been investigating the spin_orbit.py code.

I would like to modify this code so that it utilises real units and models upon a to-scale lattice. However, I am a little bit unclear as to how to progress.

I noticed in the base code we have a = 1, t = 1 and hbar = 2 (seen from the Pauli spin matrices which normally have hbar/2 as a coefficient in front). To represent the real life scenario of a lattice with constant a = 5E-10 m, would we do the following:
and then just substitute these values into the rest of the code?

I get the result of 0 conductivity for the lead voltages -0.046 to 0.105V (code shows "energies=[0.01 * i*t - 0.3*t for i in range(100)]"). I also get this for -0.0046 to 0.0105V and for -0.46 - 1.05V. Do these results seem right?

I have attached my code with these substitutions and the results.

Many thanks,
Nathaniel Seil