Thanks for your response )

>> - ability to get parent node without .xpath('../')[0] which seems
>> overkill to me
> Yeah, though I'm a bit wary of extending the ElementTree API so
> fundamentally. Since we have the ability with libxml2, we should exploit
> it though, I guess.

ElementTree does not have it cause one element could be subelement of
different parents by implementation I guess.

libxml2 has strict limitation in that case.

may be we can add .find('..') as alternative?

(although I would not need that functionality in case we have ability to
get absolute xpath)

>> - ability to  get absolute xpath of node
> This one I need to think about; I believe libxml2 has a facility for
> this, but research would need to be done. If you can find out the API in
> libxml2 and submit a patch, that'd be great!

afaik there is no one-api-function-call way to do it. but I need that
strongly and I would try to implement it anyway.

may be you can give some tips on it?