Thanks, Jens, that's the answer.

As I say, I'll probably have more questions about the resolvers in time.


From: Jens Quade <>
Sent: 22 May 2018 23:59:56
To: Duthie, Roger J.A.
Subject: Re: [lxml] Personal problems with resolve_string

I haven’t worked with the Resolver class, but if you call the method via the class (and not by self.), shouldn’t the first parameter be self?

> class simple_string_resolver(etree.Resolver):
>     def resolve(self, url, id, context):
>         # pass this byte object to the resolve_string method
>         return etree.Resolver.resolve_string(content, id, context, base_url=url)

according to




should work. (and do the same, as long as you do not overwrite resolve_string in your simple_string_resolver class.).
Also, you may want to follow PEP 8 when naming things (like SimpleStringResolver).


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