On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 2:25 PM, Benet Devereux <benetd@yahoo.com> wrote:
it seems like this whole month has been pretty bad for people, and we should start planning for an April meeting, at a time when we can get a better turnout.

Fair enough.

- right now we're trying to make sure that, before having a meeting, we have at least 3 people lined up to give short talks, and a reasonable expectation of good turnout. Do people like this, provided we can keep everyone in the loop via this

I think 3 people / 3 talks is a little ambitious.

What if we do 2 talks and allow for Q&A and discussion afterwards; at most, each block being 30m (10-15 talk, 15-20 follow-up). 

Of course there is a natural tension between ease of entry (5 minute lightning talks easier to prepare) and quantity. I would hope that 10-15m wouldn't be too much harder.

list/Web608/Facebook, or would it suit people's needs better if, like before, we set a regular meeting schedule, and met come rain come shine - if no talks get lined up, it can be a social

I'd defer to you others on this; I have so little experience with the group, I don't know what might be the reason for attendance, getting-the-word-out etc.

I think that the "social meetings" seems to be a natural extension of the technical meetings, but again, I'm new, so don't really know the patterns that you guys have established.