Fellow Pythonistas and enthusiasts:

Roughly a week from today PyCon US 2016 *TUTORIALS* call for proposals will close. To be precise, we'll close the system at 2015-11-30 23:59 GMT -12:00. For more information, please check out https://us.pycon.org/2016/speaking/tutorials/.

A quick overview of PyCon 2016:
Check us out on Twitter[5] and our blog[6]!

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PyCon 2016 Staff

[1]  https://us.pycon.org/2016/registration/
[2] https://us.pycon.org/2016/speaking/tutorials/
[3] https://us.pycon.org/2016/speaking/talks/
[4] https://us.pycon.org/2016/sponsors/prospectus/
[5] https://twitter.com/pycon
[6] http://pycon.blogspot.com/

Betsy Waliszewski
Python Software Foundation
Event Coordinator / Administrator