So, turns out I'll be in town. (though, the 26th is a Friday, so I'm assuming we're talking the 27th?)

I could give a quick talk on one of these things:

1. SQLAlchemy's "Expression language" layer (closer to SQL than ORM)

2. Overview of Pylons web development framework

3. Using WingIDE to code python (seems that most people are just using text editors... I like Wing, and can show why)

4. Using Mako to make "static" websites and why. (This should probably come after I show off Pylons)

5. Virtualenv. (if you're not using it, you probably should be. This might be more like 5m than 10m)

So, you guys can vote; otherwise, I'll just pick one as the week wraps up.

Has anyone been to PyCon this year? I'd love to see a "Best of Show" talk about what you saw there.

— Matt