I have a moderator from a country you have to pay by the minute to
access the Internet.  He would like an email admin interface because
it's more expensive for him to do the web interface for routine tasks such
as approving a post or adding or removing a list member.
I have not tested what it means to have the whole list moderated, but
I assume, that this is not just for "special people" but that all
moderation  is done via web interface. Now, that might be okay in the USA,
where you have flat rates, no phone fees to access the internet.
But in most other countries, we pay by the minute of online time.
So, for nearly every admin outside North America, administration
including moderating a mailing list via email will save a lot of
money, because downloading is quick, but reading potentially large emails
really costs time.  Maybe you want to bring that to the attention of
the mailman developers?  Doing the settings of the list on the web is
okay, but anything regular and time-intensive should be made possible to
handle via email.
The International users would appreciate developers doing the Mailcmd todo items
sooner than rather than later,

Thank you ,

Jeffrey Thompson