Mailman-i18n April 2003
  • 15 participants
  • 15 discussions

error bug
18 years

Request to become champion for Swedish translation of Mailman
by Tomas Fasth
18 years

Hebrew and bi-directional support?
by Ronen Amit
18 years

domain namen
by Andreas Buis
18 years

Removing .mo files from cvs
by Barry Warsaw
18 years

Translation update
by Daniel Buchmann
18 years

translation to catalan language
by Toni Panades
18 years

Fix : missing '>' in the french listinfo.html
by Sylvain Langlade
18 years

by Jose Paulo Moitinho de Almeida
18 years, 1 month

patch for spanish .po
by Santiago Garcia Mantinan
18 years, 1 month
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