Hi all,
I am a systems administrator at Hacettepe University, Turkey. We have lately migrated from Majordomo to Mailman and are happy to say that we quite loved it :-)
When I downloaded Mailman, I looked if there was a Turkish translation for it, and saw that, while it seemed like it is being translated (not submitted), there was no translation. I have been translating and using it for more than two months, and as still nothing has been posted for Turkish translation, I decided to post my translation for production use.
Attached is the Turkish translation for Mailman 2.1.4
I am also the head Turkish translator for the SquirrelMail webmail project, so I think my translations should be highly reliable :-)
If there are Turkish users in your mailing lists, please enable Turkish and send any feedback from them to me.
Best regards to all users and developers of the project.
Kerem Erkan
Hacettepe University, Computer Center
Systems Administrator