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On 02/17/2015 02:19 AM, Stef wrote:

It is a noble goal to make upgrades non-disruptive and I second that.

That said, it would be hard to argue about potential configuration issues of lists probably using 2.1.15 version and not updating to 2.1.19 for years… as I simply don't know Mailman good enough for that. I can only remind that ISO-8859-2 is very limited character set that is continuously replaced by UTF-8 and not really good choice even for lists containing only messages in Polish.

There are many reasons why the python.org Mailman hasn't been updated,
and I hope to change that going forward.

I wasn't thinking about python.org but about linux distributions and their attitude to stable/2.1 Mailman releases - from that perspective 2.1.19 won't be that different form 3.0 as a release and trying to make upgrades non-disruptive has much less value.

I understand that ISO-8859-2 is limited, and Mailman 3 which is the
current development focus is a Python 3 application and thus strings are
all unicode internally. SMTP itself still has to be ascii bytes on the
wire and will be, but essentially everything else will be unicode with
utf-8 encoding (where possible) in Mailman 3.

Right, Mailman 3, I have a plan not to use it as long as feasible having seen test versions of archiver and requirements for l10n. 

In Mailman 2.1 on the other hand, there is a hodge podge of different
character sets for the different languages, and these affect things like
the web UI, archives, plain format digests and Mailman generated
notices, but messages passing through a list and in MIME format digests,
for the most part are delivered encoded in the same encoding as the
original message although a plain text body may sometimes be recoded due
to things like msg_header and msg_footer being encoded in a different
character set.

Public archive was the reason, it was unacceptable mess before switch to utf8.

Anyway, thanks very much for updating the translation. I have taken your
message catalog and templates, changed some problem characters like
curly quotes and ellipsis to ascii quotes and ... respectively and
recoded them to ISO-8859-2 and installed them in the branch.


Also, in running Mailman's bin/transcheck, I found and fixed the
following two problems

Fixed also on github, thank you for pointing that out.