NumPy-Discussion April 2008
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PyArray_ContiguousFromObject & PyDECREF
by Michiel Jan Laurens de Hoon
10 years, 6 months

Unpleasant behavior with poly1d and numpy scalar multiplication
by Fernando Perez
11 years, 9 months

Compact way of performing array math with specified result type?
by Russell E. Owen
11 years, 9 months

Is anyone knowledgeable about dll deployment on windows ?
by David Cournapeau
11 years, 12 months

Slicing/selection in multiple dimensions simultaneously
by Mike Ressler
12 years, 8 months

access ndarray in C++
by Thomas Hrabe
12 years, 11 months

arccosh for complex numbers, goofy choice of branch
by Charles R Harris
13 years, 4 months

Infinity definitions
by Bruce Southey
13 years, 4 months

Strange behaviour of linalg.svd() and linalg.eigh()
by Matthieu Brucher
13 years, 6 months

failure building numpy using icc
by Glen W. Mabey
13 years, 6 months
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