NumPy-Discussion August 2021
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Documentation Team meeting - Monday June 8th
by Melissa Mendonça
5 days, 13 hours

Newcomer's meeting - later today (4pm UTC)!
by Melissa Mendonça
1 week, 2 days

Revert the return of a single NaN for `np.unique` with floating point numbers?
by Sebastian Berg
1 week, 5 days

A bite of C++
by Serge Guelton
1 month, 2 weeks

New CZI grant to support DEI initiatives in the scientific Python ecosystem
by Melissa Mendonça
2 months, 3 weeks

New Feature added to rotate MeshGrid
by Yash Tewatia
2 months, 4 weeks

by Stig Korsnes
2 months, 4 weeks

Announcing PyData/Sparse 0.13.0
by Hameer Abbasi
3 months

NumPy Development Meeting Wednesday - Triage Focus
by Sebastian Berg
3 months

Floating point precision expectations in NumPy
by Sebastian Berg
3 months, 1 week
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