Robert Kern wrote:
On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 11:26, Jim Vickroy <> wrote:
Travis E. Oliphant wrote:

Jim Vickroy wrote:


While using the PIL interface to numpy, I rediscovered a logic error
in the PIL.Image.fromarray() procedure.  The problem (and a solution)
was mentioned earlier at:


There does not seem to be a formal way to report errors to the PIL
project, and I was told that the PIL/numpy interface was contributed
by the numpy developers so I'm reporting it here.

Please let me know if there is something additional I should do.

I would suggest making a patch and submitting it to the PIL.

I did post a suggested patch (one-liner) to the PIL group, but a couple of
PIL respondents suggested that I submit the problem here.  I have followed
the PIL group postings for some time, and my impression is that it is
somewhat difficult to get reader-submitted patches acknowledged.

Tell them that we approve of the change. We don't have commit access
to PIL, so I believe that our approval is the only reason they could
possibly send you over here.

Thank-you, Robert.  I will do so.