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Mabe I am wrong somehow, but in my experience the easiest install of scipy is 'port install py26-scipy'. For new users, I do not see why one would recommend to build manually from source? Macports can do it for you, automagically...

Well, by far the easiest method is to just grab a binary installer.  The other choices you have are build from source, or try to use Macports/Fink/Homebrew/easy_install/pip/buildout-recipe/<your-favorite-solution-here>. Those all rely on source builds as well, they're just hiding the details. Which makes things way more confusing when something goes wrong.

About Macports specifically, I haven't tried in a few years but certainly don't remember things always working out of the box. And AFAIK Homebrew is a replacement for Macports for many people because the latter was issues.


I did a Macports install of numpy/scipy/matplotlib on my wife's macbook a few months ago just because I was curious.  Besides the fact that it took forever (it had trouble obtaining the various compilers from the servers, and it did a full-blown ATLAS tuning and compiling...) it did eventually install and work.


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