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And in the long run, I
think the goal is to move people away from inheriting from np.ndarray.

This is music to my ears, but what is the future of numpy.ma?  I understand that numpy.oldnumeric.ma (the older version written without inheritance) has been deprecated and slated to be removed in 1.9.  I also have seen some attempts to bring ma functionality into the core ndarray object, but those have not been successful as far as I can tell.

numpy.ma is pretty much unmaintained at the moment, but it is pretty stable and there are no plans to remove it. I'm kinda sad that moving the functionality into numpy came to naught, but the time was short and the disagreements were long. Hopefully we learned something in the attempt. I don't know of any plans for masked arrays at the moment apart for waiting to see what happens with dynd. I don't know what the chances of an overhaul might be, or even if it could be made without disturbing current code. I think we would have to offer something special to motivate folks to even think of switching.

In general, what is the future of inheriting from np.ndarray?

Well, we can't do much about it except discourage it. It is often a bad design decision that people get sucked into because they want to borrow some functionality. OTOH, there hasn't been an easy way to make use of ndarray functionality for non-subclasses, and there is a *lot* to implement to make an ndarray like object. Hopefully the new `__numpy_ufunc__` attribute will make that easier.

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