Hi all,

I have a question concerning the Mersenne Twister random number generation in numpy:  when I seed it with 0, I get a different sequence of numbers in numpy, compared to GSL.

In numpy: 

r = numpy.Random.RandomState(seed=0)
r.uniform(size=5)  ---->  array([ 0.5488135 ,  0.71518937,  0.60276338,  0.54488318,  0.4236548 ])

whereas in GSL the first numbers are  
0.99974 0.16291 0.2826 0.94720  0.23166 

Matlab gives the same result as numpy...

I have translated some python code to c, and would like to debug it -- therefore, I would like to have exactly the same set of random numbers...  How can I provoke this ?