Thanks for your response. I manually edited one of the python files ( I think) to change icc.exe to icl.exe. (This is a trick I used to use to get F2PY to compile on Windows platforms.) Since icl is a drop-in replacement for the visual studio compiler / linker, I'd like to edit the python files configuring this (msvc) but I could not find anything(?) If you could point me towards the config files(s) for the visual studio compiler (I'm assuming are configured for the Windows file extensions already) I could likely make some headway.

   ~Mike C. 

On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 6:39 PM, David Cournapeau <> wrote:
Michael Colonno wrote:
>    Hi ~
>    I'm trying to build numpy (hopefully eventually scipy with the same
> setup) with the Intel compilers (and Intel MKL) on the WinXP 64-bit
> platform. Finding / linking to the Intel MKL seems to be successful
> (see below)

Unfortunately, at this stage, it does not say much about linking:
distutils look for files, and do not do any sanity check beyond that.

> but I have an issue with the settings defined somewhere in the various
> setup scripts (can't find where). Per the output below, the Intel
> compilers on Windows are looking for ".obj" object files rather than
> the Linux-style ".o" files.

I think the problem is simply that intel support in numpy for the C
compiler is limited to unix. At least, a quick look at the sources did
not give much informations about windows support: --compiler=intel does
call for the unix version (icc, and this is called first as you can see
in your log). I am actually puzzled: where is the icl.exe coming from ?
grep icl gives nothing in numpy, and nothing in python - did you by any
chance build python itself with the Intel compiler ?


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