I think that makes sense. Incidentally, I had imitated numpy's abbreviated prefixes on various other projects until it was recently pointed out to me that abbreviations, especially more cryptic ones like "ENH", "REF", and "MNT", are a particularly tricky "hoop" to jump through for non-native speakers of English.

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Hi All,

I was thinking about things to do to simplify the NumPy development process. One thing that came to mind was our use of prefixes on commits, BUG, TST, etc. Those prefixes were originally introduced by David Cournapeau when he was managing releases in order help him track commits that might need backports. I like the prefixes, but now that we are organized by PRs, rather than commits, the only place we really need them, for some meaning of "need", is in the commit titles, and maintainers can change and edit those without problems. So I would like to propose that we no longer be picky about having them in the commit summary line. Furthermore, that got me thinking that there are probably other things we could do to simplify the development process. So I'd like folks to weigh in with other ideas for simplification or complaints about nit picky things that have annoyed them.