Hi Matti,

If your offer still stands, I'd like to transition Biopython from the donated Rackspace storage to Anaconda as discussed a few weeks back.

I presume this means updating the WHEELHOUSE credentials in our multi-wheel repository, both for TravisCI and AppVeyor?


Do you need any other information from me, or the Biopython team?

Thank you,

(On behalf of Biopython)

On Tue, Aug 11, 2020 at 6:34 AM Matti Picus <matti.picus@gmail.com> wrote:

On 8/11/20 12:39 AM, Peter Cock wrote:
Hi Matti,

Is this an open invitationĀ to the wider Numpy ecosystem? I am
interested on behalf of Biopython which was using the donated
Rackspace for multibuild wheel staging prior to PyPy release
(although having weekly test releases sounds interesting too).

I would be happy to continue this discussion off list if you prefer,

Thank you,


On Mon, Aug 10, 2020 at 9:20 PM Matti Picus <matti.picus@gmail.com> wrote:
anaconda is generously hosting projects at
https://anaconda.org/scipy-wheels-nightly/ (for weekly development
releases that can be used to test downstream projects) and
https://anaconda.org/multibuild-wheels-staging (for staging wheels to be
tested for release on PyPI).

The trick is that CI needs a token so it can upload to those
organizations. Kevin, we can either add you to the groups you can create
a token, or one of the current members could create tokens and transport
them safely to Kevin. Please disucss it with me (or one of the other
members https://anaconda.org/multibuild-wheels-staging/groups).


Yes, it is a general invitation. My mail is in the message.

I guess we should set up some kind of janitor task to remove older packages from the hosting space as usage goes up.


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