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We have already asked and obtained that permission, under the condition that we put some attribution to Intel MKL on our website (which we already have at http://scipy.org/scipylib/donations.html). I would not be in favor of distributing only MKL binaries, but distributing those in addition to ATLAS/Accelerate ones would be fine.

I'm curious, why not?

Because I think that we should provide a set of binaries that people can reproduce without needing to buy/obtain licenses. Good for debugging, rotating release manager duties, etc.

But in any case, if the numpy project itself is distributing more than one binary type, then we still need to decide what goes on PyPy. I'm confused about the whole pip optional features thing, but could you put up both and have folks access it with, for example:
pip install numpy[mkl]

I think that's possible.




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