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Hi all,

Let me preface my two cents by saying that I think the best part of @ being accepted is the potential for deprecating the matrix class — the syntactic beauty of infix for matrix multiply is a nice side effect IMHO :) This may be why my basic attitude is:

I don’t think it matters very much but I would vote (weakly) for weak-right. Where there is ambiguity, I suspect most practitioners will just put in parentheses anyway — especially with combinations of * and @, where I don’t think there is a natural intuitive precedence relationship.
At least, element-wise multiplication is very rare in math/physics texts as an explicitly defined elementary operation so I’d be surprised if anybody had a strong intuition about the precedence of the ‘*’ operator.

My take on this is that if you mix * and @, you are probably using * to build the matrices you want to __matmul__ with @. So weak-right would be the way to go from that point of view.