I'm pleased to announce the release of Biggus version 0.5.0.

Biggus is a pure Python library for handling virtual n-dimensional arrays of arbitrary size, and providing lazy/deferred evaluation of arithmetic and statistical operations. Biggus works with your n-dimensional array data in whatever form it currently resides - no data conversion is necessary.

The documentation can be found at:


And it can be installed with pip via:

    pip install biggus

The main feature of this release is a new multi-threaded evaluation engine which provides the ability to compute statistics efficiently across any axis.

Future plans include:
 - Expand the range of arithmetic and statistical operators.
 - Extend the evaluation API to allow multiple simultaneous file-based outputs.
 - An API to simplify the creation of user-defined operators.
 - Multiply-concurrent execution of CPU intensive operators.
 - Low-level evaluation optimisation, e.g numexpr/numba.

Constructive feedback is very welcome!
 - Raise an issue on GitHub, https://github.com/SciTools/biggus
 - Post on the discussion group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/scitools-biggus