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Hi all,

Finding topk elements is widely used in several fields, but missed in NumPy.
I implement this functionality named as  numpy.topk using core numpy
functions and open a PR:


Any discussion are welcome.

Thanks for the proposal Kang. I think this functionality is indeed a fairly obvious gap in what Numpy offers, and would make sense to add. A detailed comparison with other libraries would be very helpful here. TensorFlow and JAX call this function `top_k`, while PyTorch, Dask and MXNet call it `topk`.

Two things to look at in more detail here are:
1. complete signatures of the function in each of those libraries, and what the commonality is there.
2. the argument Eric made on your PR about consistency with sort/argsort, and if we want topk/argtopk? Also, do other libraries have `argtopk`?


Best wishes,

Kang Kai
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