On Sat, May 18, 2019 at 6:36 PM Ralf Gommers <ralf.gommers@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all,

In [1] I am adding institutional partners and sponsor logos to the numpy.org website. Sebastian made some good comments there, and I think it would be very helpful if we had some guidelines on how we acknowledge sponsorship.

Our governance doc has clear text on what an Institutional Partner is, see [2]. We don't have anything written down about sponsorship though. In my open PR I followed the example of Jupyter (see [3]), which lists Institutional Partners first, followed by Sponsors.

For sponsors I think we will want to define some minimum level of sponsorship for which we will put a logo somewhere (main page, or about page). Jupyter seems to just put everything together. Scikit-learn and NumFOCUS do the same on their front pages. NumFOCUS has tiered levels as well with different benefits, and displays the tiers at [4]. Page 17 of the NumFOCUS sponsorship brochure [5] spells out the sponsorship levels very clearly: from platinum at $100k to bronze at $10k, and a special level for "emerging leader" (startups) below that.

I think that following the NumFOCUS model would be the most straightforward thing to do, because (a) we're part of NumFOCUS, and (b) it's very well documented. And also fairest in a way - it gives some recognition proportionally to the contribution. My PR right now lists Moore, Sloan and Tidelift as the 3 sponsors. The first two contributed on the order of $500k each (spread out over 2-3 years), while Tidelift currently contributes $1000/month.

So I propose:
- acknowledging all active sponsorship (within the last 12 months) by logo placement on numpy.org
- acknowledging past sponsorship as well on numpy.org, but on a separate page and perhaps just as a listing rather than prominent logo placement
- adopting the NumFOCUS tiered sponsorship model
- listing institutional partners and sponsors in the same place, with partners first (following what Jupyter does).


There seem to be no further comments on this. With an edit to take the feedback of Gael and Nelle into account (let's say $100k minimum for a place on the front page for now - more seems overly ambitious right now), I will take this as "roughly agreed" and make future website edits accordingly. And will find some time to write this up as a formal policy and add it to our governance/dev docs somewhere.