The VMWare player is the best starting point. Just download and install the player, then get an image from somewhere (you can find a plethora of them on the VMWare web site). After downloading the image, its as simple as double clicking on the file in explorer or launching it via the start menu.


Ryan Krauss wrote:
What is the easiet way to get started with VMWare with windows as the
host operating system?  Do I need just VMware player?  Do I need some
Ubuntu kernel or image or something?


On 5/27/07, Andrew Straw <strawman@astraw.com> wrote:
Charles R Harris wrote:
On 5/24/07, *Ryan Krauss* <ryanlists@gmail.com
<mailto:ryanlists@gmail.com>> wrote:

    I am trying to use Numpy/Scipy for a class I am teaching this summer.
    I have one student running Vista.  Is there an installer that works
    for Vista?  Running the exe file from webpage gives errors about not
    being able to create various folders and files.  I think this is from
    Vista being very restrictive about which files and folders are
    writable.  Is anyone out there running Numpy/Scipy in Vista?  If so,
    how did you get it to work?

Install Ubuntu? ;) I've heard nothing but complaints and nasty words
from co-workers stuck with new computers and trying to use Vista as a
development platform for scientific work.
Just a follow-up, vmware is now given away and Ubuntu has always been
free, and I guess most computers with Vista have native support for
virtualization. So, this way you could run Ubuntu and Vista
simultaneously without a speed loss on either or partitioning the drive.
Of course, if it were me I'd put Ubuntu as the host OS and probably
never boot the guest OS. ;)
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