Dear Jeff,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I think it might be related with the memory management on our sever. But anyway, as you suggested, I open an issue on you can find the data and script on The gave the core dumped error, in which I tried to operate with big files (~2G). The works fine, which  handles data only ~25M (a subset of big files). I used a small function (which use NetCDF4) in the script to read and write nc data with NetCDF4. You can also find this function in I tested all the script and data before I upload on our ftp.

thanks again for your help,



2012/5/26 Jeff Whitaker <>
On 5/26/12 5:51 AM, Chao YUE wrote:
Dear all,

Previously I am able to run a script on our server but now it gave me a Segmentation fault (core dumped) error.
try I tried the script with same type of netcdf file but with much smaller file size and it works. So I think the error is related with memory stuff.
I guess it's because our system administrator make some change somewhere and that cause my problem?
the file size that cause the error to appear is 2.6G (in the script I read this file with NetCDF4 to numpy array and make some manipulation),
the small one without error is only 48M.

Chao:  Without seeing your script, there's not much I can say.  I suggest opening an issue at, including your script as an attachment.  You'll probably have to post the data file somewhere (dropbox perhaps?) so I can run the script that triggers the segfault.  


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