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I don't think it makes much sense to change NumPy's existing usage of asarray() to asanyarray() unless we add subok=True arguments (which default to False). But this ends up cluttering NumPy's public API, which is also undesirable.

Agreed so far.

I'm not sure I agree. "subok" is very unpythonic; the average numpy library function should work fine for a well-behaved subclass (i.e. most things out there except np.matrix).

The preferred way to override NumPy functions going forward should be __array_function__.

I think we should “soft support” i.e. allow but consider unsupported, the case where one of NumPy’s functions is implemented in terms of others and “passing through” an array results in the correct behaviour for that array.

I don't think we have or want such a concept as "soft support". We intend to not break anything that now has asanyarray, i.e. it's supported and ideally we have regression tests for all such functions. For anything we transition over from asarray to asanyarray, PRs should come with new tests.

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There are exceptions for `matrix` in quite a few places, and there now is warning for `maxtrix` - it might not be bad to use `asanyarray` and add an exception for `maxtrix`. Indeed, I quite like the suggestion by Eric Wieser to just add the exception to `asanyarray` itself - that way when matrix is truly deprecated, it will be a very easy change.
I don't quite understand this. Adding exceptions is not deprecation - we then may as well just rip np.matrix out straight away.

What I suggested in the call about this issue is that it's not very effective to treat functions like percentile/quantile one by one without an overarching strategy. A way forward could be for someone to write an overview of which sets of functions now have asanyarray (and actually work with subclasses), which ones we can and want to change now, and which ones we can and want to change after np.matrix is gone. Also, some guidelines for new functions that we add to numpy would be handy. I suspect we've been adding new functions that use asarray rather than asanyarray, which is probably undesired.

Thanks Nathaniel and Stephan. Your comments on my other two points are both clear and correct (and have been made a number of times before). I think the "write an overview so we can stop making ad-hoc decisions and having these discussions" is the most important point I was trying to make though. If we had such a doc and it concluded "hence we don't change anything, __array_function__ is the only way to go" then we can just close PRs like https://github.com/numpy/numpy/pull/11162 straight away.