Hi Andreas,
This packaging would be much useful!
How can I help with this?
pyhdf is very important because HDF4-EOS does not open with another packages, only with pyhdf and gdal.


Arnaldo D'Amaral Pereira Granja Russo
Lab. de Estudos dos Oceanos e Clima
Instituto de Oceanografia - FURG

2012/11/6 Andreas Hilboll <lists@hilboll.de>

I would like to package pyhdf for Ubuntu and make the package publicly
available. Since the license is not totally clear to me (I cannot find any
information in the sources, and the cheeseshop says "public", which
doesn't mean anything to me), I tried to contact the maintainer, Andre
Gosselin, however the email bounces, so I guess he's gone.

Can anyone point me to how to proceed from here?

Cheers, Andreas.

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