Numpy v1.21.2 added support for windows/arm64 platforms but we still don't have any systems in place to produce binary wheels or test win/arm64 packages. I think it will be good to start looking into this. CPython has an official buildbot worker running for win/arm64 and official python support for the platform will be available from the 3.11 release.

It is not yet clear to me how the build and CI system for numpy is deployed and how to enable support for a new platform like win/arm64.

One of the main issues in supporting win/arm64 build would be due to the lack of win/arm64 VMs available on the cloud. But I see we have been producing binary wheels for Apple M1 platforms on pypi and conda repository for some time which also lacks the cloud VM support. I think we could take some learnings from Apple M1 support and look at how a similar strategy can be used for win/arm64.

I would like to hear if anyone has any thoughts on this topic. Also, any pointers to understand numpy wheel generation and CI flow for similar platforms would be helpful as well.