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That would be helpful. Ralf does those now and I suspect he would welcome the extra hands. The two sites for release builds are Sourceforge and Pypi. I don't know if the wheels builds are good enough/accepted on Pypi,

Would anyone decide that other than this group?
but if you would like permissions on Sourceforge we can extend them to you. We have been trying to do releases for OSX 1.5, which needs a machine running an obsolete OS, but perhaps we should consider dropping that in the future.

Drop that baby!

First, it's bit odd -- as I undertand it, the python.org builds support either 10.3.9 + or 10.6+. As 10.5 has not been supported for Apple for a couple years, and 10.6 is getting pretty darn long in the tooth, the only reason to support that older build is for PPC support - I wonder how many folks are still running PPCs? I thought I was one of the hold outs, and I dropped it over a year ago. I'd love to know if it is something that the community still needs to support.

And thanks for doing this Matthew!



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