Hi Mentors ,

In the last Docs meeting , we discussed about Explanations and ways we could use to gather relevant topics for which we could provide explanations . The light was shed upon mining of questions firstly from numpy communities via Discussion like groups , then move to other sources .

We can mine such topics from the NumPy community via mining email threads of numpy-discussion@python.org  for Questions . Apart from doing this I am thinking of opening an issue , the track of which will be kept by me and other contributors if they wish . We can write relevant topics for explanations over there . The link to this issue can be shared with numpy-discussion@python.org and other NumPy community forums , where contributors can comment their questions or queries which they wish to get documented  .

This way we can avoid multiple Github issues by using one Github issue , moreover this issue will populate queries from the community which will be visible to everyone and may give rise to ideas regarding explanations which we haven't thought about , in fact we can close other such issues later by moving their queries to this issue .

In this manner we can have enough data within a month or two to document an Explanations page . Then we could frame explanations from this pool of data in this single Github issue ,

Do suggest your ideas/advice for the following and also if we should be doing something else .

Thanks ,
Mrinal Tyagi