Neither the numpy ATLAS build nor the MKL build on Windows makes use of shared libs. The latter due due licence restriction.


2014-05-12 14:23 GMT+02:00 Matthieu Brucher <>:
Yes, they seem to be focused on HPC clusters with sometimes old rules
(as no shared library).
Also, they don't use a potable Makefile generator, not even autoconf,
this may also play a role in Windows support.

2014-05-12 12:52 GMT+01:00 Olivier Grisel <>:
> BLIS looks interesting. Besides threading and runtime configuration,
> adding support for building it as a shared library would also be
> required to be usable by python packages that have several extension
> modules that link against a BLAS implementation.
> """
> Can I build BLIS as a shared library?
> The BLIS build system is not yet capable of outputting a shared
> library. Building and using shared libraries requires careful
> attention to various linkage and runtime details that, quite frankly,
> the BLIS developers would rather avoid if possible. If this feature is
> important to you, please speak up on the blis-devel mailing list.
> """
> Also Windows support is still considered experimental according to the same FAQ.
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