Using take or array or similar operations on the initial list descends ignoring the tuples and converting the list to a multiple-dimension array:

>>> take(keys,[1,0],axis=0)
array([['b', '2'],
       ['a', '1']],

It is sorted as I want, but I can no-longer use them as keys.  The problem can be solved by creating an empty array first, then copying.


On 6/20/07, Michael McNeil Forbes <> wrote:

I have a list of tuples that I am using as keys and I would like to
sort this along with some other arrays using argsort.  How can I do
this?  I would like to do something like:

You might want the keys in an object array, otherwise you end up with strings for all the values. Why are they keys? Do you want to sort on them also? Anyway, if you use take(keys, inds, axis=0) you will get an array with the rows containing the keys rearranged as I think you want.