I killed pfdubois/numpy.

On 23 May 2006 07:18:32 -0700, joris@ster.kuleuven.ac.be < joris@ster.kuleuven.ac.be> wrote:

I was thinking about our PR for numpy. Imo, the best page that we can
currently show to newcomers is www.scipy.org. There they find out what is
Numpy, where you can download it, documentation, cookbook recipes, examples,
libraries that build on NumPy like SciPy, etc. In addition, it's the page
that, imho, looks the most professional.

Googling for "numpy" gives:

1) numeric.scipy.org/

Travis' webpage on Numpy. Travis, would you consider putting a much more
pronounced link to scipy.org? The current link to is at the very bottom of
the page and has no further comments...

2) www.numpy.org/

One is redirected to the sourceforge site. Question: why not to the scipy.org
site? The reason why no wiki page is set up here is, I guess, because there
is already one at scipy.org. So why not directly linking to it?

3) www.pfdubois.com/numpy/

This site is actually closed. It only contains a short paragraph pointing to
the page http://sourceforge.net/projects/numpy.

4) www.pfdubois.com/numpy/html2/numpy.html

This is a potentially very confusing web page. It constantly talks about
'Numpy' but is actually refering to the obsolete 'Numeric'. Perhaps this page
could be taken down?

5) sourceforge.net/projects/numpy

The download site for NumPy. This page doesn't contain a link to scipy.org.

6) www.python.org/moin/NumericAndScientificnumpy.html

Informationless webpage.

7) wiki.python.org/moin/NumericAndScientific

Up-to-date webpage, but refers to numeric.scipy.org for NumPy.

8) www.scipy.org/

And YES, finally... :o)

Perhaps we could try to take scipy.org a bit higher in the Google ranking?
I am not a HTML expert at all, but may a header in the www.scipy.org source
code like

<meta name="keywords" content="numpy scipy">



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