Thanks Todd,

At 04:55 PM 12/16/2004 -0500, Todd Miller wrote:
  try: repr(src._data)
Other buffers, e.g. a string, might not.

Which is fine for this app, so I will.

It looks to me like you forgot to import Numeric

Yep. I screwed up the import statements - I'll re-do it tomorrow. In that light, it is interesting that the assign N were always longer than the n ones...

To be safe, check the .is_c_array() method.

Will do. I am also a little concerned about the address changing in a long-running process (literally, weeks), so I might check that too.

Also, why is assignment from a (ctypes.c_long * 2000)() to a numarray so much slower than a memmove()? Does the assign make a temp buffer?