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This is a public service announcement: for the first time NumFOCUS is organising a sustainability workshop, details below. NumPy is able to send two representatives; the NumPy steering committee chose Chuck and Nathaniel. I'll be present as well as NumFOCUS board member. Last year there was a NumFOCUS summit as well, but no sustainability workshop. It looks like going forward there will be one a year of these. If there's more interest than tickets next year we'll look at rotating the NumPy representatives.


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Date: Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 10:52 AM
Subject: [NumFOCUS Projects] Important: 2017 NumFOCUS Summit & Sustainability Workshop
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Dear Project Leads,

Following up from our “save the date” note a few weeks ago, here is our formal invitation to the 2017 NumFOCUS Summit & Sustainability Workshop taking place in Austin, Texas on 10-11 October, 2017.

All participants planning to attend should register no later than July 19th, 2017.

New at this year’s Summit is our first ever Sustainability Workshop.

The goal of the Workshop is to guide project leads and core contributors in identifying an appropriate sustainability plan for their project as well as the initial steps required to start implementing that plan.

We would like to have at least 1-2 representatives from each NumFOCUS sponsored project attend the workshop. Members of the NumFOCUS Board of Directors, Advisory Council, and Sustainability Advisory Board who would like to attend are welcome to do so.

Project Leads are tasked with selecting which project representative(s) should attend the Summit/Workshop, according to their governance practices. Once you’ve selected your reps, you may simply forward this email to them and ask them to register. You do not need to otherwise inform NumFOCUS of your choice prior.

N.B. — FYI, NumFOCUS is hoping to arrange an event for the Austin data science community to benefit from the presence of so many core maintainers of the scientific computing stack. This would take place immediately prior to the NumFOCUS Summit.

No details are available yet — if we succeed in securing a venue, NumFOCUS staff will be in touch to invite your participation. We just wanted to give you a friendly heads-up as you consider your travel plans. Direct questions about this event to info@numfocus.org.

FAQ (Please review before registering):

What am I committing to if I register for the Summit/Workshop?

Those attending the Summit/Workshop should plan to attend all day on the 10th and 11th. You can view the tentative schedule for the Summit/Workshop here.

Additionally, each project sending a representative to the Summit should commit to preparing and delivering a 5-minute lightning talk about the state of their project. NumFOCUS staff will be available to help with these presentations.

Who do you recommend we send to represent our project?

While we recognize that people have multiple roles, we recommend sending 1 person who can represent the technical aspects of your project (such as a person who develops or maintains code) and 1 person who can represent the community/business aspects (such as a person who works with the user/developer community).

Representatives can be paid or unpaid contributors, but should be sufficiently invested and involved in your project such that they will both want to and are able to continue the sustainability work started at the Workshop.

Can we send more than 2 reps from our project?

Maybe. Our travel budget is based on two people from each project. That number is also what we are basing our venue, catering, and other logistical arrangements upon.

Once we start collecting registrations, however, we may find that not all projects can send two representatives and/or that some projects can cover the cost of travel for one or more of their reps.

So, a max of two registrations for each project will be available and thereafter anyone from your project wanting to attend will be given the option of being added to the waitlist. Because registrations are “first-come, first-served” you should make sure your first two choices of representative register before subsequent ones.

Are you covering travel expenses for project reps? For those traveling from outside the United States, too?

Yes. We have a budget for reimbursing participants for travel-related costs, even those needing to travel from outside the United States. To ensure the best use of these funds, we’ll ask you when you register if you need NumFOCUS to reimburse you for travel.

For all participants, we will handle hotel reservations and payments. We will book hotel accommodations for all participants for three nights: 9-11 October. Please email summit-travel@numfocus.org if you need different arrangements.

Those participants needing to be reimbursed for other travel-related expenses should generally expect to cover those expenses at the time they are incurred and submit them to NumFOCUS for prompt reimbursement after the Summit/Workshop. But if this will present a hardship for you, let us know and we’ll make other arrangements.

For further details about what we’ll reimburse you for, read our travel reimbursement policy (coming soon).

If you are traveling from outside of the United States and might need assistance with visa or other immigration-related issues, please let us know as soon as possible.

What if I have other questions not answered here?

Ask via this list, reply directly to Christie, or email summit-info@numfocus.org.


Christie Koehler
Projects Director, NumFOCUS
+1 415-317-7603 mobile/signal

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