Dear Pythonistas and solar power enthusiasts,

On behalf of the maintainers, we're happy to announce a new release of pvlib python: software for simulating performance of photovoltaic solar energy systems.

See what's new for v0.9.0:

Releases are available from PyPI and the conda-forge channel:

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* There are some breaking changes, so please read the Release Notes carefully before updating.
* pvlib now has a new Array class that represents groups of identical modules that are part of a PVSystem but have the same orientation and mounting type.
* The PVSystem class can now model a combination of arrays each with different orientations, modules, and mounting types.
* pvlib completed a very successful GSoC, which added several new iotools like get_bsrn()get_pvgis_hourly()get_cams(), and more. Special thanks to Adam R. Jensen, Kevin Anderson, and many reviewers who helped!
* Many bug fixes including a fix to Perez contributed by Clean Power Research. Read their blog to learn more about how they're contributing to pvlib. Thanks!

The maintainers thank you for using pvlib python!

Mark Mikofski, PhD (2005)
Fiat Lux