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>> >> Julian has done most of the work for 1.8.1. I did the 1.8.0 release
>> >> because it needed doing, but building releases isn't my strong point
>> >> and
>> >> Ralf actually did the builds for that. So I'll happily send you my ssh,
>> >> but
>> >> either Ralph or Julian might be a better bet for getting the work done
>> >> :)
>> >>
>> >
>> > Or, I might add, yourself, if you are interested in taking over that
>> > role.
>> I don't know the code well enough to be the release manager, but I'm
>> very happy to do the OSX binary builds.  So - release manager VP of
>> OSX maybe?
> That would be helpful. Ralf does those now and I suspect he would welcome
> the extra hands.

He would:)
The two sites for release builds are Sourceforge and Pypi.
> I don't know if the wheels builds are good enough/accepted on Pypi, but if
> you would like permissions on Sourceforge we can extend them to you. We have
> been trying to do releases for OSX 1.5, which needs a machine running an
> obsolete OS, but perhaps we should consider dropping that in the future.

Ralf - any thoughts?

pypi is accepting wheels:


We tried once to put wheels on SF without much response, and if we put them on testpypi I don't expect much more. Since the wheels appear to work, let's just put them on PyPi and fix possible issues if and when they show up.