Den 22.03.2011 23:18, skrev Paul Anton Letnes:
I'm no expert, but I just pulled off the scipy+numpy+GotoBLAS2 installation. From what I gather, the Makefile for libgoto2 downloads and compiles the generic lapack from netlib. It also wraps lapack into I believe the idea is as long as the BLAS implementation is fast(TM), the lapack performance will be good.

GotoBLAS replaces a few LAPACK routines where BLAS optimization is not sufficient. Last time I built GotoBLAS2 it came with Netlib LAPACK sources in the tarball.

What really matters for LAPACK performance is not even BLAS, but the general matrix multiply routines *GEMM in BLAS. That is why AMD has made a GPU version of ACML where matrix multiplication in BLAS can be deferred to the ATI GPU.