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Hi Stephan, all,  

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It's great to see that this year there are a lot of students interested in doing a GSoC project with Numpy or Scipy. So far five proposals have been submitted, and it looks like several more are being prepared now.

Hi Ralf,

Is there a centralized place for non-mentors to view proposals and give feedback?

Hi Stephan, there isn't really. All students post their drafts to the mailing list, where they can get feedback. They're free to keep that draft wherever they want - blogs, Github, StackEdit, ftp sites and more are all being used. The central overview is in Melange (the official GSoC tool), but that's not publicly accessible.

This was actually a very good idea, for next year we should require proposals on Github and added to an overview page. For this year it was a bit late to require all students to make this change, but I've compiled an overview of all proposals that have been submitted including links to Melange and the public drafts that students posted to the mailing lists:

I hope that this helps. Everyone who is signed up as a mentor can comment (privately or publicly) in Melange, and everyone who's interested can now more easily find back the mailing list threads on this and comment there.


Note that an overview of project ideas can be found at https://github.com/scipy/scipy/wiki/GSoC-project-ideas. If you're particularly interested in one or more of those, it should be easy to find back in the mailing list archive what students sent draft proposals for feedback. Your comments on individual proposals will be much appreciated.