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Hi all,

NumPy currently makes extensive use of the DeprecationWarning
class to alert users when some feature is going to be withdrawn.
However, as of Python 2.7, the DeprecationWarning is silent by
default, see:


This makes sense to me for deprecation warnings from Python
itself or the standard library - after all, Python 2.7 is the last of the
Python 2.x series.

The reason for the change is explained in the paragraph you link to, 2.7 being the final minor release in the 2.x series isn't it.

There are many other packages/programs built on numpy, the user/developer distinction can be made in the same way as for Python itself. I fail to see a reason not to follow the lead of the Python core developers here.


However, I believe that a silent DeprecationWarning is bad news
for third party libraries like NumPy where many end users are
coders and we want them to see these warnings by default.
Is anyone else concerned about this? A typical NumPy user
(on Python 2.7+ or Python 3.2+) may never see the warnings
(because they have to deliberately turn them on), the first they'll
 know about it is when they upgrade to a new release and their
code suddenly stops working.

Potentially NumPy would have to introduce its own NumPy
specific DeprecationWarning warning class, and use that.

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