On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 2:27 AM Inessa Pawson <albuscode@gmail.com> wrote:
One of the most discussed and commented issues in the recent history of NumPy is about to be closed. Don’t forget to cast your vote via reaction on the new NumPy logo design by this Friday, June 26th.

Thanks Inessa!

Here are the three candidates:

For further info please refer to github.com/numpy/numpy.org/issues/37

A small addition since that's a super long issue with the relevant info near the end (at https://github.com/numpy/numpy.org/issues/37#issuecomment-645328444): please cast your vote:
- if and only if you have contributed to NumPy in the past (any contribution counts, doesn't have to be code - e.g. you helped with fundraising or survey design)
- by Saturday 27 June, midnight Eastern Time
- by giving a thumbs up to any of the three logos linked above (you can give multiple thumbs-up)