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I agree with Ralf that there are two discussions going on, but also with Hameer that they are related, in that part of the very purpose of __array_function__ was to gain freedom to experiment with implementations. And in particular the freedom to *assume* that inputs are arrays so that we can stop worrying about breaking subclasses and duck arrays: with __array_function__, we can now (well, eventually) tell people to just override the function and make it do what they want. In that respect, if having `__numpy_implementation__` means it would not change the existing situation with backwards compatibility, then that is bad: we do want to change that! The point is to keep the exposed API stable, not the implementation.

Of course, the idea proposed here is not to keep the implementation stable, but rather to help people implement __array_function__ who are daunted by the many functions that can be overridden, especially for those classes for which many numpy functions work out of the box: they can have a default of just calling the old implementation.

In the end, the proposed goal for __numpy_implementation__ really seems simple: to provide a better name for __wrapped__. But to me the discussion has proven that this is in fact not a good idea. It does suggest stability where there should be none, and the name itself is contentious. Maybe it is best to just stick with __wrapped__? If so, the the only change would be that we mention it in the NEP, making again explicit that the wrapped implementation can and will be changed.

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