For the case in question, having the student set up his or her personal computer to work for the class (dual boot/Ubuntu) would probably be fine.
Long term, though, I don't think Vista can be written off as a supported platform.  If you're forced by your system admin to use it in a work environment AND you need Numpy, ignoring it isn't the answer.
I'm not complaining (It would take me longer than Vista's commercial life to shoehorn a solution to this problem myself).  I am however following this thread to see how it plays out.  This way I can at least start planning ahead in the work environment (I DO have FreeBSD, Ubuntu, and Windows XP installed on my home computers).
My 2 cents.
Carl T.

On 5/26/07, Charles R Harris <> wrote:

On 5/24/07, Ryan Krauss <> wrote:
I am trying to use Numpy/Scipy for a class I am teaching this summer.
I have one student running Vista.  Is there an installer that works
for Vista?  Running the exe file from webpage gives errors about not
being able to create various folders and files.  I think this is from
Vista being very restrictive about which files and folders are
writable.  Is anyone out there running Numpy/Scipy in Vista?  If so,
how did you get it to work?

Install Ubuntu? ;) I've heard nothing but complaints and nasty words from co-workers stuck with new computers and trying to use Vista as a development platform for scientific work.


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