Have the meeting already re-scheduled to 4pm UTC? I found nobody there.

Melissa Mendonça <melissawm@gmail.com> 于2022年10月24日周一 08:05写道:

Hi all!

Our next Documentation Team meeting will happen on Monday, October 24 at **2PM UTC**. (We are also considering moving this meeting to its original time in the future - 4PM UTC. If you have opinions on this time change, let us know!)

All are welcome - you don't need to already be a contributor to join. If you have questions or are curious about what we're doing, we'll be happy to meet you!

If you wish to join on Zoom, use this link:

Here's the permanent hackmd document with the meeting notes (still being updated):

Hope to see you around!

* You can also visit https://scientific-python.org/calendars to add the NumPy community calendar as an .ics file to your preferred calendar manager

- Melissa
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