The problem would be human resources to implement it on the doc site; I don't know how PHP people control modern spammers.
The current, Pythonic way would be to edit the tutorial when inspired. However
reads: "Please do not hesitate to click the edit button. You will need to create a User Account first. "
which leads to
You are not allowed to view this page."


- Ray Schumacher

At 11:37 PM 2/8/2015, you wrote:
That sounds like a good idea! I didn't see any real good examples of usage
after some googling. Giving more examples of effective usage could also clear
more things up regarding design decisions. Additionally I'm always interested
in learning some new tricks :)
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At 02:47 PM 2/8/2015, Simon Wood wrote: >Not quite the same. This is not so much about language semantics as >mathematical definitions. You (the Numpy community) have decided to >overload certain mathematical operators to act in a way that is not >consistent with linear algebra teachings. This can be a bit >confusing for people who develop and implement mathematical >algorithms that have a strong foundation in linear algebra, >irrespective of the language they are migrating from. > >With that said, I do appreciate the comments by Matthew, Eelco and >others. Numpy is *not* a linear algebra package, so it does not >adhere to the same mathematical definitions. This realization has >cleared some things up. Via my (admittedly infrequent use of) numpy.linalg I think it behaves more in line with algebraic thinkers. I do not have any issue with broadcasting, and use it frequently, but I've always wanted to see more examples and discussion directly in the docs, in general. I have over years post/argued for a doc site more like PHP-doc, where users can contribute examples and discuss them. There is a wealth of such examples here in the list and the tutorial, but requires unnecessary time and Google-foo. - Ray Schumacher _______________________________________________ NumPy-Discussion mailing list
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